Headteacher Blog HT6

Headteacher Blog HT6

Week 7th June

Welcome back to the last half-term of this academic year. This week we say goodbye to our Y11 students. Some parents have been in touch to ask why we have made the decision to keep students when other schools have already said goodbye – my response has been simple – because we care! After such a turbulent and disruptive year, it’s important to ensure routine is kept and to ensure that every opportunity is given to students that need further evidence to ensure students achieve their very best in their Teacher Assessed grades (TAGS). Please refer to the letter sent out about the arrangements for Y11 students over the coming weeks (click here). Please also see the arrangements for Friday in a letter sent out this Wednesday (click here).

The front branding is really looking good and really promotes our Academy values and purpose. I can’t wait for the planned further investments planned over the coming year :O) Students have received assemblies to explain our new school shield and the meanings behind it – ask them about it at teatime
Here is our new uniform! More information will follow about how to get hold of it over the coming weeks.

Multi-Million Pound Building Project at Newsome Academy – Plans to further provide modern learning!

As you already know, we have a huge multi-million, £5m capital works programme to upgrade our school facilities starting in the summer holidays. This will mainly include; new school roof, new ceilings, new corridors and flooring, decorated classrooms, re-wiring including internet upgrades. This is yet another reason why Newsome is the best choice for your child’s study – giving them cutting-edge facilities in which to succeed :O)

It’s lovely to see our pond bursting into life with plants blooming, water snails, and tadpoles all taking advantage of the once abandoned pond we have in our outdoor quad area. I’m looking forward to the implementation of our Ecology strategy where we aim to build a range of natural environments for our local nature and use as part of our teaching.

Year 9 Online Progress Evening – Wednesday 9th June

Apologies if anyone had issues in logging on to our online Progress Evening app this week. Whilst many of you managed to finally connect through the app – we apologise for any technical issues that you encountered. If you were unsuccessful in getting through, please contact Mrs Jones (Head of Year) via email and she will sort feedback from staff you didn’t manage to speak to. cajones@newsomehigh.kirklees.sch.uk

We booked Dixons to provide our superstar students with a rewards ice cream on Friday 11th June – it went down a storm! Students with exceptional attendance and rewards had this special treat :O)

Farewell Year 11!

Our amazing Y11 students left us today on their final day at Newsome Academy. They were treated with a Dixons Ice-cream and some special words and additional rewards given in assembly. We wish them all the very best and look forward to results day on the 12th August. Students were exceptional to the very last day. Lots of people from other schools asked us “why did year 11’s finish later that other schools” – because we want to ensure the best and most consistent period after such a disruptive year.

Week 14th June

Remember to keep testing your child twice weekly. A suggestion is Sunday evening and Wednesday evening to ensure there is a spread of time between each one. Remember to inform school so we can inform others of any positive tests.
We are currently introducing a range of social-time activities to engage students and make these time enjoyable and interactive. Newsome students have the fab opportunity of enjoying the stunning surroundings and fresh open air! *student identities are hidden for safeguarding purposes.

Teen Sleep Week

This week is Teen Sleep Week. Ensuring students get the right amount and good quality sleep is so important for their wellbeing and learning. Please click here for the parent support link. Please click here for students sleeping tips.

Week 21st June

Important Term Changes

There will be a multi-million pound refurbishment project at the Academy starting in July. Due to this some changes to the end of term and start of next academic year have been made. Please watch the video above and the letter (click here) for information.

An amazing Wednesday and an amazing view from the front of our school. Our setting really sets the scene when students start the day ready to learn. #wellbeing #greenspace #proud-newsome

Uniform Update

Our suppliers are entering the final stages of production for your Childs FREE Uniform. We will be in touch shortly with further updates and how you receive your voucher! 

Transition students (Y6-Y7) – our suppliers are entering the final stages of production for your Childs FREE Uniform. The YEAR 7 cohort will be the first to receive the uniform, giving you plenty of time to get those door step photos for their very first day at Newsome Academy! We will be in touch shortly with further updates and how you receive your voucher!  

Week 28th June

GCSE Certificates for 2020 Leavers

Students who completed their GCSEs in summer 2020 can collect their certificates from school from Monday 5th July. Only students can pick their own certificates between the time of 3pm – 4pm.

If you want to arrange for someone else to collect – this must be pre-arranged with the Exams Officer via email –

Week 5th July

Year 10 Group Bubble Closed

We have had to make the difficult decision to close the entire Y10 Year Group Bubble.
Please click here to see the letter containing full information.

Government Guidance Update

You may have seen the latest national guidance regarding social distancing – but it hasn’t changed for schools – they still have to follow the bubble and isolation guidelines. Today we have had to close for all Year 10 students because of positive cases in staff and students. As the country ‘opens up’ – this doesn’t mean schools do – we still have to await instructions and still have to follow bubble structures and isolation – this causes confusion and is important you know the separate routines that schools have to follow.

Covid Announcement 2

Please see update following national guidance shared yesterday by clicking here.

Week 12th July

Year 9 Year Group Bubble Closed

We have had to make the difficult decision to close the entire Y9 Year Group Bubble.
Please click here to see the letter containing full information.

Yorkshire Celebrity Visits our school! Click here

Discovery Week

This week there will be a range of sessions based around well-being and creativity. Click here for the overview of sessions.

Week 19th July

Take advantage of local events on offer over the summer.

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