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Whole School Uniform Expectations Home Test Kit Information Opening Arrangements Newsome Academy Health & Safety Update 17 (END OF HT) Safer Internet Week Library Google Classroom & Accelerated Reader Discovery Week Health & Safety Update 16 (GENERAL UPDATE) Daily Exit Ticket Transition Letter 2021 Ofsted Visit Report Health & Safety Update 15 (LEARNING UPDATE) Health & Safety Update 14 (GENERAL UPDATE) Health & Safety Update 13 (LEARNING INFO) Health & Safety Update 12 (ON-SITE PROVISION) Health & Safety Update 11 (LEARNING INFO) Blended Learning for HT3 Health & Safety Update 10 (LOCKDOWN) Health & Safety Update 9 (JAN START) Health & Safety Update 8 (JAN START) Health & Safety Update 7 (JAN START) Health & Safety Update 6 (JAN START)
Year 7 Home Testing Update Bushcraft Trip Update Initial Y7 Tutor Parents Eve Sept 2019 Parent Evening Instructions Year 7 Parent / Tutor Meeting Letter New Y7 Form Changes Year 7 Parents Evening Catalyst Science Discovery Centre SEND Tea Party Year 7 Test Consent
Year 8 Home Testing Update Options Change March 2020 Year 8 Options Evening 2019 Year 8 Test Consent
Year 9 Home Testing Kit Update France Trip 2020 Cancellation Update France Trip 2020 Update 1 France Trip 2020 Year 9 Parents' Evening Y9 French Trip Year 9 Options Evening French Trip - Parental Meeting Year 9 Test Consent
Year 10 H&S Letter Student COVID Isolation Advisory Y10 Macbeth Sept 2020 Y10 Careers June 2020 Y10 Parents Evening & Careers Event Y10 Mock Exam Information Berlin 2020 Letter of Interest Y10 Maths Mocks Work Experience Creating Futures Careers Evening Parent Child Workshop Information Year 10 Revision Evening letter Berlin Trip - February 2019 Year 10 Mock Exams Yr 10 Parents Evening & Careers Event Year 10 Test Consent
Year 11 Jan Announcements Y11 Greenhead College Applicants GC Admissions GCSE Prep Online Classroom Y11 Further Education & Careers Event Parent Child Workshop Information Ltr Year 11 Parents Year 11 Mosque Trip Geography Field Trip - Hornsea Mock Exam Rules & Regulations Open Systems and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Course Yr 11 Careers Event Year 11 Algebra Exam Year 11 - Further Education Applications Year 11 Parents' Meetings 2021 Year 11 Parents' Meeting Video Call Guide Year 11 Test Consent

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