Parents Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ Evenings

Please note that due to the current national and local restrictions, we are currently exploring new ways of delivering progress reports to you.

Please note that links will be available nearer the time of the event.

Step 1 Login

Fill in details as required.  Please ensure to use the childs legal name.

Then select Login.

Step 2  Booking Appointments

You now have 2 options: Bookings / Automated Bookings. Click on the one you wish to use.

Option 1“ Bookings This option allows you to manually select the appointment times. Along the top will be your childs classes (not all are displayed on one page, clicking the next button will take you to the next page, and so on).Select the subject. A list of appointment times will appear below. Available times are in grey. If highlighted in red, then that appointment is no longer available. To book an appointment, please click on the available time. This will bring you to a new page, here you have the chance to put in a comment should you wish, before selecting Make Booking. Do this for each subject. Option 2 – Automated Bookings. This option will automatically arrange appointments for you .A list of subjects will appear, click on the drop down arrow alongside each subject. A box will appear, click inside the box to select. Do this for each subject. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to put a time frame when you are available, then select Make my Bookings for Me. The system will automatically select available times for each subject selected within the specified time frame. If some are not available, you will have the option to go back and amend the timings.

Step 3  Confirmed Bookings

When your appointments have been made, you have the chance to print or have your appointments emailed to you.

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