If you have any questions please complete the form below, or call us on 01484 516712 and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. All queries are directed to Laura Smith and passed on the the appropriate staff member.

To support this process, please refer to the Communication Policy under the community section of our policy page. This can be located under the ‘about’ tab on the main menu. This outlines the appropriate staff member for each area of the school.

Specific Contact

In order for issues to be picked up swiftly and dealt with by the correct person, we have listed key staff members below to provide parents and carers with direct contact. Please use these in the first instance so we can deal with any issues directly.

Behaviour Attendance and Pastoral Issues

KS3 – Year 7 & 8

KS4 – Year 9, 10 & 11

Mr Mitchell: Assistant Headteacher for PDBA

Mrs Jones: Behaviour for Learning Coordinator (Year 7)

Mrs Hirst: Behaviour for Learning Coordinator (Year 8)

Miss Brook :Behaviour for Learning Coordinator (Year 9)

Miss Gledhill- Behaviour for Learning Coordinator Year 10)

Mr Sinclair: Behaviour for Learning Coordinator (Year 11)

Miss LeRoy: Home School Liaison & Safeguarding Officer (Attendance)


Miss Morgan: Deputy Headteacher

Mr Jesson: Assistant Headteacher & Head of Maths and Computing

Mrs Stokes: Assistant Headteacher & Head of English

Mr Frisby: Head of Science

Mr Carr: Head of Humanities

Miss Cole: Head of Performing & Visual Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Technology & PE)

Mrs Fox: Head of Languages

Safeguarding & Special Educational Needs

Mr Hinchliffe: Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Hall: SENDCO

Mrs Wood: Deputy Safeguarding Lead & School Counsellor

Mrs Robinson: Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Pastoral Standards Manager

Miss LeRoy: Home School Liaison & Safeguarding Officer

General Administration Issues

Miss Smith: Headteachers PA